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Commercial Building

When you partner with Bettencourt Construction for your commercial build or project, we'll deliver on time, on budget with excellence at every turn.

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Design That Fits Your Life

We collaborate with the leading architects & designers in Florida.

Unrivaled Quality

We've built thousands of projects over 30 years, and we know how to bring out the best in our partners & team.

Top Tier Project management

You'll get pro-active, helpful and useful communication from conception to completion.

Commercial Building

Integrity & Excellence to Deliver Perfection

Industry Leading Excellence

We know how vital project management & job-site leadership has become in the new economy. When you choose Bettencourt Construction, you'll receive unrivaled problem-solving, excellence & integrity-based leadership for the project.

We're proud of the reputation we've built over the last 30 years, and we'd love the opportunity to partner on your next project.

Confidence from the Ground Up

We Bring Together Vision, Expertise & Materials to Build Any Structure

We have a history of excellent partnerships with architects and trusted subcontractors to deliver highly complex builds in diverse spaces, including corporate, healthcare, housing, education, and non-profits.

Whether it's renovations or new construction, the Bettencourt Construction approach and way deliver fantastic results.


Take a look at some of our work.

Top Commercial Contractor Near St. Petersburg, FL

Dedicated Florida Commercial General Contractor | Bettencourt Construction

For over 30 years, Bettencourt Construction has been the General Contractor for thousands of St Petersburg, Florida, and surrounding communities' residential construction and commercial construction projects.

Our vast amount of experience provides smooth-running commercial construction projects, construction projects completed on schedule, affordability, quality artistry & craftsmanship, attention to detail, and complete satisfaction with every outcome.

Exceptional Project Management Leadership

Expert Commercial Construction | Tampa Bay, FL

Trust our highly experienced professionals to manage every aspect of your Tampa Bay, Florida, commercial construction or commercial remodeling project as well as ensure you are provided a seamless, stress-free experience.

Complete Transparency With Accurate Cost Estimating

Trusted Industrial Contractor Near St. Petersburg

As a St. Petersburg-based preferred commercial industrial contractor and commercial contractor, we will save your Florida business money by staying within the budget.

Our comprehensive cost-estimating services will accurately predict project costs and identify opportunities for cost savings.

We Keep Your Project In Compliance

Commercial Building Solutions For Hillsborough County, FL Business Owners

Rely on our expertise in Hillsborough County, Florida, state and federal building codes and regulations.

We ensure your commercial building renovation or commercial construction project near Tampa Bay, FL is compliant and will avoid costly fines and delays.

Dedicated To Florida Business Owners

We are the preferred Florida Gulf Coast General Contractor whose mission is to provide the highest level of commercial construction experience.

Our work guarantee outclasses most Florida construction companies.

If you have been searching for a General Contractor for your Commercial Remodeling, Industrial Construction, or Educational Addition building projects, you have found the right place.

Connect with us today to discover the Bettencourt Advantage.

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Dreams, Ideas
& Plans

Whether you already have plans, or if you're starting with our architect & design partners, we'll start by developing your vision, design & plan.

Precise Scope, Plan & Proposal

Once we've developed the design, we'll develop a precise plan with pricing and a timeline - and we get started.

Build & Proactively Communicate

We'll build with un-compromised excellence, and make sure to guide you through the entire process.

Get Started with a Simple Consultation

Our family is standing by to make this easy, just reach out and we'll be your guide.

Experienced Commercial Remodeling Company - Bettencourt Construction

Commercial Building Contractor Near North Manatee County, FL

We set standards high for the Florida Coastal Community commercial builders near North Manatee County and the West Coast of Florida.  

Over the past three decades, we have gained a reputation for exceptional commercial design and build experience. 

We've streamlined the commercial design & construction process through dynamic, innovative project management, faultless design, and top-tier customer support. 

Our team of architects, designers, and builders are with you from conception to completion.

We deliver cutting-edge office, hospitality, housing, and commercial properties.

Efficient Subcontractor Management

Full-Service Commercial Construction Company Near North Manatee County FL

Benefit from Bettencourt Construction network of trusted West Coast, Florida, subcontractors and suppliers, who deliver quality workmanship at competitive prices.

Long-Lasting Construction and Materials

Pinellas County's Most Reliable Commercial Contractor

Rest assured that your Pinellas County & North Manatee County commercial remodeling project will be built to the highest standards of quality and durability.

Our exceptional workmanship reduces the need for costly repairs and maintenance in the future.

Discover how partnering with Bettencourt Construction will help you build high-quality facilities ensuring the West Coast Florida communities are well-supported and prepared for further growth.

Let our experts bring your commercial construction project from concept to completion.

Best Custom Home Builder in Tampa FL

Are you feeling ghosted by your builder?

You should never wonder what's going on with your home, and that's why we take the extra steps to ensuring you never have to guess. We proactively communicate with you on a weekly basis to provide updates on your build.

Commercial Contractor Services For Pasco County Growing Community

Innovative Solutions For Commercial Construction Near Pasco County, FL

Bettencourt builds beyond compromise due to their wealth of knowledge, vision, and talent.

No commercial renovation project is too big, and no detail is too small to receive the Bettencourt Advantage.

Our relationships and reputation all the way around the Florida coastline continues to grow from our unwavering commitment to providing high-quality projects, on budget, without sacrifice.

Hassle-Free Commercial Construction Process

Pasco County, FL Premier Commercial Renovation Contractor

Experience how to create and manage a commercial construction schedule that balances the needs of multiple stakeholders.

From our decades of experience, we have perfected schedule management.

Our streamlined process keeps your Pasco County, Florida, commercial remodeling project on track.

We Protect Your Investment

Our comprehensive risk management services ensure a profitable and successful commercial construction outcome.

We do this by minimizing potential risks with our rigorous risk management protocol.

Bettencourt Construction Risk Management Protocol:

Pre-construction planning identifies potential risks prior to any work performed so that we can develop mitigation strategies.

These strategies help reduce the risk of cost overruns, delays, and other issues.

We conduct a thorough contract review, perform proper change order management reviews, and maintain quality control.

Our commercial construction expertise reduces the risk of disputes or delays.

Stringent budget and schedule monitoring keep projects on track, and any potential issues are addressed promptly.

Safety Is Our Priority

We implement a comprehensive safety program to ensure our workers are protected on the job site and stay complaint with relevant safety regulations.

We are based in St Petersburg, Florida, but we humbly and proudly serve the Florida coastline, including Pasco County, North Manatee County, Tampa Bay, and Pinellas County.

Commercial Builder Near St. Petersburg, Florida


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Commercial Building

When you partner with Bettencourt Construction for your commercial build or project, we'll deliver on time, on budget with excellence at every turn.

Remodeling & Renovation

We've been remodeling homes for over 30 years, and we'll help you design, plan and remodel your home to fit your lifestyle and future.


We'll deliver a flawless project with a design that's second to none.

Custom Home Building

We design & build your home on time and on budget with timeless designs, custom finishes & unrivaled quality.